Throughout my design career, there have been some projects that stand above the rest. Below you will find some of my favorite projects in my portfolio. You will also find a process book for one of my favorite projects “Urban Revitalization.”

This piece was a composition entitled “Urban Revitalization.” The goal was to highlight the issue of gentrification and its negative impact on people in lower socioeconomic groups.
This movie poster was inspired by my favorite album “4 Your Eyes Only.” In this imaginary film, a father dies of a tragic illness while his daughter is young. To give her a little piece of the father she never knew, he records a mixtape highlighting the greatest moments of his life to include marrying her mother and seeing her born.
This project was to create a poster for a hypothetical tour of a group or band. One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Christmas in Hollis” by Run DMC so naturally, I created a poster for a Run DMC holiday tour.
Advertising graphic for the University of Virginia’s Committee on Women in Medicine and Science (COWIMS)
The following four images were made for a countdown to the Legacy Chicago conference. These graphics were featured in various forms of marketing to include social media and a direct email marketing campaign to conference attendees and donors.
Like the previous four images, this graphic was used in Legacy Disciple’s social media and direct marketing campaigns. The goal of this graphic was simply to remind attendees that housing was closing the following day.
This image was used to promote the Legacy Chicago conference to attendees and donors. This image was used for direct marketing and email campaigns along with social media posts.